The name ‘Highlandman’s umbrella’ originates from the fact that the bridge or underpass at Glasgow Central Railway station was used to shelter the highland folk and islanders that came down to the city and had no where to stay so bedded themselves under the arches for shelter and a sleep. It became a meeting… Read more »

Terry Wogan of ‘Children in Need’ met us coming out of Wimbledon All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club and agreed to a selfie… with my camera at the ready Terry chuckled,”that’s not a selfie!…. but since I like the bun nets go ahead”. and smiled. To get ahead get a #hat and scarf

    Two men fae Kinsale went to join the parish wearing MacKenzie tartan bunnets. They went behind a dyke to fetch a pint and ended up writing sonnets.  

Believe it or not this is a genuine photo and not photoshop (the real McCoy) taken in Corran near Glenelg 2009.  Our deer endeared us by being so photogenic. For proof go to and click on ‘Client area’ and then ‘private events’ and where you see John and Heather, type in password ‘tam’. The… Read more »