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Now I look like the Monarch of the Glen

Now I look like the Monarch of the Glen

Believe it or not this is a genuine photo and not photoshop (the real McCoy) taken in Corran near Glenelg 2009.  Our deer endeared us by being so photogenic.

For proof go to and click on ‘Client area’ and then ‘private events’

and where you see John and Heather, type in password ‘tam’.

The deer’s name was Bin Laden because he terrorised the tourists. Sadly he came to the same sticky end. He was a pet to the lady that ran the “tea hut”. When these photos were taken he was a placid gentle deer who loved scones. When I went back to get pictures of my own I was three days too late. It was the rutting season and he had grown antlers. He spiked the lady causing a 4 inch gash in her thigh. The vet was called and he is no longer a pet!

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