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The man himself, Rabbie Burns, dons a Burns Bunnet in George Square, Glasgow…

burns bunnet

Glasgow is a city known for its sense of humour – just look at the famous cone-topped Duke of Wellington statue. This time, Rabbie Burns gave the Duke a run for his money in a fitting hat and scarf combination, made by ourselves here at Burns Bunnet, to join Scots all over the world in celebrating his birthday on the 25th of January.

The next day, we received an email from a kind passer-by and admirer of Rabbie’s latest attire, Valerie Kennedy:

“A funny thing happened while walking through George Square today! You know how they tell you that if you really want to appreciate Glasgow you need to look upwards….well there I was watching my feet because of the baby rivers trying to find their way home to Mother Clyde via leaf blocked drains when I looked up…..and behold……Rabbie had been dressed for the weather in glorious tartan! He was very accommodating and posed beautifully….then I met a man with a ladder who may or may not (who can tell?) have assisted Rabbie with his new look. So being “aye ready” I whipped out the camera and here are a few fashion photos to gladden your heart. Then as I made my way to the bus another amazing hat was being shown off at a rather jaunt angle…. The moral of this story….you never know the minute – Thank you for cheering up a wet Wednesday in January.”


rabbieburns_burnsbunnet3 Rabbie Burns statue Glasgow rabbie burns statue Glasgow








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